Adventures Footsteps of the Mobility Hub

vyttila mobility hub societyVyttila Mobility hub is a transit terminal for all ways of transportation which is going to be a big entrée to Kochi. Site proposed for the hub connects Allapuzha, Coimbatore, Idduki, Kottayam and Thrissur through National Highway 47. It will be the meeting point of land, air and ferry transportation. The project is implementing through three phases. The first phase, which consists of the terminal for long distance buses, started in December 2010. And it was commissioned on Feb 26, 2011. It is facilitated with a resting area for 65 buses.  And the second phase is the implementation of bus terminals and boat jetties and will begin soon. The third and last phase is to deliberate about new amendments.

The hub will be equipped with RFID (Radio frequency identification) to continuously monitor the buses plying from different places. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka bus services are going to open their ticket counters here soon. The state govt. is also considering a plan to connect the east Kochi with the upcoming mobility hub. But it will take a long time for the finishing the project. Being the Govt. funds are limited, the state is looking for the possibility to raise the funds for the project. If the Union bank supports the project by providing loan of about Rs. 100 crore, the second phase of the hub can be started. The Hub will also provide with multilevel car parking facilities and an advanced cafeteria. Electronic monitoring system to show the scheduled time of bus arrivals and departure will be a big help to the people. The full-fledged terminal is expected to be completed by 2013. With the introduction of Vyttila mobility hub there is going to be a tremendous change in the city. It will give Kochi a new face. Let’s wait for the miraculous vision to happen.

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