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Vagamon Travelogue

Narrator: Martin Jacob alias martinfreefall

Explorers: Joseph Alexander, Martin Jacob, Syam Kadampanad MC and Tinku B Mathew

I can’t remember how many times I have gone to Vagamon, every time I go there, the place looks new to me. This time it was with our comrade Joseph and Shyam.

Unlike most of my Vagamon trips, it was a planned trip because almost one week early Joseph came on chat and said ” five of us are coming in three bikes  “. So I and Tinku had much time to plan what to do. We booked two double rooms in Winrose Nest House Pala right then.

Every thing was moving smooth and we were waiting for THE day. But the day before THE day came a little twist, Joseph came on chat and said “3 of us dropped out only Shyam and me will come”.  Then he explained the plan “we have reached Adoor from Trivandrum .We will start from Adoor at 7.00 AM and we hope to reach Erattupettah around 10 am “.

The day had finally arrived Me and Tinku was waiting for a call from the pair. At around 9.00 Am I had a call from Joseph “I don’t recognize the place we are now but we will reach Erattupettah at around 12.00″. So we had three more hours left, we waited in the company. Me and Tinku left for Erattupettah on Tinku`s Royal Enfield Bullet Std 350 at around 11.30 am. By the time we got to Pettah, Shyam and Joseph had already come, they were waiting for us in front of the Aruvithura church. After a few hugging and chit chatting I noticed the bike on which they came. It was Shyam`s MAX100, then i realised they had travelled half the distance of Kerala (from Tvm to Vagamon) on a 2000 model Suzuki MAX 100 which had more than 6k on its odo.

Our first pit stop was at Theekoy. There we had some traditional Kerala flavored dishes from a drive in Hut restaurant. After one hour at Theekoy we started our climb of Vagamon at around 2.00 pm. I was driving Shyam`s MAX100 , there was a little problem with this bike. Its accelerator cable was old and worn out, so I had to be careful while giving the throttle because if it breaks we will on the middle of nowhere in a Saturday. After half an hour of climbing the hill, suddenly our bike just bike just stopped. We were a little tensed as no help or mechanic was available at that place. But it was only a problem of overheating as the bike was pulling a load of over 170 kilos and after a 10min rest we were up and running again. Our second pit stop was at the famous waiting shed, by that time it was raining so hard that we where totally drenched in water. Joseph bought some ice cream. Eating the ice cream at that low temperature froze me from the mouth to stomach..

This time Shyam was riding and our destination was Kurisumala Ashram. This institution produces the high quality non skimmed Kurisumala Milk which we in Kerala highly adores. We parked our bikes in front of the entrance and walked into the ashram. Here in this ashram they have imported cows, a Swiss bull was the main attraction there. But the problem there was that outsiders are no longer allowed to see the cattle in their shed because of the risk of getting the cattle infected. Disappointed we went on to the chapel and the tomb of Francis Acharya.

After Ashram our next destination was the Vagamon Meadows. By the time we got there it was sunny and warm (another wonder of Vagamon is it sudden climate change).. Most you people may be able to recognize this place  has been used in many films for duet songs. Believe me the place is just romantic. Its clean and the beauty of the place still not lost.

At about 5.00 pm we left for the suicide point which is another must see place in Vagamon, but there also vehicles are not allowed. So we left the bikes near the entrance. The point is about 2 km away from the entrance. While walking I noticed that was no other human being other than us, it was perfect loneliness. Sometimes I felt like warriors going into the unknown space to conquer. Here also the places will be familiar to you as this location is used in super star Mohanlal`s movie Spadikam. The buildings you see in the song ‘pathinettam patta’ are still there. After the ruins we reached the suicide point. Problem here is that there is a number of suicide points there and we had to decide which one to see. Also the fog there was getting more and denser and we were having difficulty finding the right way. Then all of a sudden the fog cleared. Then she was just like a beauty unveiled and we all four was mesmerized by her beauty. It feels like we are very close to heaven (not because it’s a suicide point) but because it was the joining of sky and the earth.

It was getting dark and we had one place to visit ‘the pine forest’. We reluctantly left the suicide point. By the time we reached pine forest it was very dark so we left that place without spending much time there.

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