Vision 2030, Kerala to have a new face!

vision 2030 kerala proposed by sam pitrodaSam Pitroda, who has taken up the role of mentor of the state, has called for Kerala to focus on ten core areas to put the state on a fast development track. Sam Pitroda is an Adviser to Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations and Chairman of a High Level Committee on Railways. The meeting was held at Thiruvananthapuram with Chief Minister Oommen Chandy inaugurating the function. The meeting was presided over by KPCC President Ramesh Chennithala. MPs Shashi Tharoor and P J Kurian, Nafeesath Beevi and RGIDS director Prof G Balchandran also attended the meeting. Sam Pitroda, who held discussions with Oomen Chandy, the Chief Minister of Kerala, on various development initiatives.He suggested that the state should take Public Private Participation route to attract capital investments in the state for development projects.

The 10 core areas that Pitroda pointed out were:

  • Coastal waterways.
  • High speed rail corridor.
  • Building of a knowledge city.
  • State-wide mobile phone-enabled health insurance scheme.
  • Expanding E-Governance project.
  • Scheme to connect all Panchayats through a broadband internet system.
  • Scheme to boost Kerala’s traditional industries.
  • Proper and modern waste management schemes.
  • Making the state a world capital of Ayurveda.
  • Improved vocational education scheme.

Kerala’s inland waterway system could be leveraged to put in place coastal freight navigation system. Sam Pitroda has advised the state to tap the potential of its waterways. A large-scale shift in freight movement to boats etc. would reduce to a great extent the traffic congestion in the State. Pitroda believes the High Speed Rail Corridor project to be the biggest of all projects in Vision 2030. The project though would take years to materialize. But for better future we have to start implementing from the basics. The knowledge city in the capital city of the state, Thiruvananthapuram would contain universities, research laboratories and institutes, cultural spaces and commercial and residential units. The idea of giving everyone in the state an Insurance scheme also came up in the meeting. The expenses were to be raised by mobile phone users in the state. Improving E-Governance and the proposal to connect all the Panchayats through broadband Internet connection also came up in the meeting.

The scheme to boost Kerala’s traditional industries would target coir, cashew, and handloom. New technology, methodology, and tools would be ushered in to modernize traditional industries. Then there was discussion on the waste management system. Mr. Pitroda pointed out that there were several improvisations to be made and the State Government should look into it as soon as possible. Then there was talk about making Kerala the world capital of Ayurveda and the improvements to be brought in Vocational educational scheme. This would be used to impart vocational skills to unemployed youth.

The team would come back to the state within 90 day with a ‘white paper’ on these projects and discuss with the state government to finalize those to be taken up, Pitroda said. If the state packages its projects properly, people would be ready to invest in the state, Pitroda said. The meeting was held at Thiruvananthapuram. Mr. Chandy told the press conference that Vision 2030 was being drawn up so that Kerala did not miss any more buses on the development front.

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