RP mall Calicut

The most prominent business man Ravi Pillai under whom the largest number of Indians work in gulf countries is extending his business empire to Kerala also. He is aiming to launch his new business projects with Malabar as its centre. The RP mall that started a few days before in Kozhikode is one of the hi tech malls in Kerala. This shopping mall is composed of 6 multiplexes.

It was just before a few weeks that the Kadavu resort at Kozhikode was taken over by Ravi Pillai. This take over was worth Rs.200 crores. He had also took over the famous Blue Diamond theatre in Kozhikode recently. He reformed it with the name Diamond mall and gave it to the Jos Alukkas group for lease. It will also be inaugurated soon.

The first shopping mall in Kerala was launched at Kozhikode. It was named as Focus mall. And now the mall culture will once again be alive with the launch of the RP mall. Another project of Ravi Pillai is expected to start at Kollam which is the birth place of him. It is the first seven star hotel in Kerala that he is giving his motherland as his gift. The hotel which which is named is named as ‘The Ravi’s Hotel’ will be inaugurated on the 19th of this month.

Ravi Pillai became popular in the business field of Kerala with his first big investment in the Malabar group. He is one of the most prominent finance sources of Malabar Gold. More than 50,000 employers work under him in the various business enterprises of Ravi Pillai centered at Bahrain. Amoung them 30,000 are Indians.

He has business enterprises in various sectors including construction, petroleum, real estate and tourism. Over the years, Mr Pillai has built up a relationship of trust with the various governments in the Gulf region because of the huge success of his company. As a result, workers who get jobs with his company don’t have too much of a problem getting their visas and work permits.

“We employ people from all over India in various kinds of jobs. From engineers, doctors and safety personnel to welders, fabricators and fitters, we need people with all kinds and levels of skills,” Mr Pillai says. And though he’s lived in West Asia for 30 years, Mr Pillai is still a citizen of India. “There are over 50 lakh Indians working in the Gulf countries and they send back foreign remittances worth billions of dollars. I think that’s something to be very proud of”, he says.

Besides providing jobs for thousands of Indians in the Gulf, Mr Pillay in engaged in philanthropic activities in India and has set up the Upasana Hospital and Research Centre in Kerala, which gives free treatment to the poor. He received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award from the Government of India, and was the first Bahrain-based businessman to win the Padma Shri award from the Government of India.

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