Manorama Calendar 2013

Manorama Calendar 2013

Malayala Manorama introduced an online calendar 2013 Application which ranks the top of all the calendars  in Google play store. The Manorama Calendar 2103 on Android market also gets the users location using either cell towers or Wi-Fi connections. The user should make sure to turn on the location on the phone to use to app. The Global Positioning System on the other hand determines the precise location of the user.


Manorama Calendar 2013 options picsThe calendar in Malayalam is very useful to all Malayalees all over the world to know about the local and national upcoming events of India, especially Kerala. The calendar is available in two versions namely Travancore and Malabar Calendars and the very attraction is that it is in Malayalam. The calendar shows the English calendar in the main display and we can move on to the Malayalam Calendar, Shakavarsham and Hijra Calendar on our choice. The calendar gives you all the information that you get from a printed Manorama calendar like auspicous timings, patterns of Njattuvela, Ravisangaramam Udayastamayam, Namaskkara samayam, rituals, festivals, etc. The calendar also is featured with ‘Panchagam’. You can also look for your zodiac signs and even share the same on social media too.

To use the app with full facilities and functions, your phone has to be connected to a network. You can also feed information in the calendar like reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events and so on. The App also permits you to read the calendar events stored on your computer, tablet or Smartphone. You can also add, remove or edit events on your phone.

User Review

The users have given a good response in the review column in the Android market. The calendar is now being downloaded mainly by people abroad since they miss the Malayala Manorama Calendar printed version. It is a user friendly and simple app to use. Some say that this is very useful to know the Malayalam calendar dates and Stars along with English calendar.

Manorama digital Calendar 2013 pics

Manorama Digital Calendar 2013

Phone Requirements

This calendar currently is on its 1.1 version and works on all the 2.2 Android Smartphones and up.


The amount for such a useful calendar is not very costly as it is only Rs.70 on Android market / Google play store.

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