Kerala Panchayath Elections 2010 Results Online

Voters of Kerala can enjoy live results for the upcoming Kerala Panchayath Elections 2010 via Online. The Online system will become active on October 27, 2010 just after the vote counting begins . The Online live result delivery is made possible with a special software, e-trends developed by the combined efforts of the National Informatics Mission, BSNL and IT Mission. The system gives public the results regarding the seats gained by each group as well as the candidate wise results. There will be simultaneous vote counting for Grama Panchayats, Block and Districts. The polling in the urban civic bodies will be conducted with the aid of electronic voting machines. The complete results will be on line or on air by the afternoon. Kerala state is having 21,595 wards.

Each district and their respective number of vote counting centers are listed below

Trivandrum- 16














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6 Responses to Kerala Panchayath Elections 2010 Results Online

  1. M O Sebastian says:

    Latest leads of various parties in local body elections

  2. shafanas says:

    please tell me whats the status of thalassery

  3. Mathew says:

    The results of Panchayat election shows the state of affair of malayali mindscape. It is the result of growing Christian sectarianism and reaction against it. Christian segmentarianism is challenged by Muslim and Hindu sectarianism. Growing Christian segmentarianism is a world-wide trend. The failing European multiculturalism, Tea-party movement of USA, and similar trend among blacks and Hispanic population confirms that this is a growing global evil. There is nothing to cheer about the victory of the conservative alliance of UDF.

  4. sandeep says:


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