Ganesh Kumar

Minister K. B. Ganesh Kumar is coming back to the Malayalam film induatry before the  Malayalam audience. He is playing an important role of a police officer in an upcoming film. This is his first film after taking up the post of the minister.

The film is directed by M. S. Manu and is named as Sandwitch. The shooting of the film is going on at Trivandrum. Ganesh Kumar has always explained that his career is acting. But he also considers the thr honourable post of minister as the additional responsibility given to him by the public whom he respect a lot. And he is confident that he would not let the public lose the belief in him.

For Ganesh it is the second time in the ministry of Kerala. Last time he was widely congratulated for his frank and open minded approach for the problems and the way of solving the issues. He was a liked minister by the people. Then also he had continued acting after taking the charge of the minister. He did so after seeking the permission of A. K. Antony, who was then the Chief Minister of Kerala. This time also he took special permission from Chief Minister Oommen Chandy before starting the shoot. For avoiding the disturbances that may be caused to his official work as a minister, he has shifted the schedule of the shoot to Saturdays and Sundays.

In Sandwitch, Kunchako Boban is playing the lead role. And Ganesh is playing a full on character in the film. In Four Friends also, which he did before the election, Kunchako Boban had played the prominent role. Richa Panay, Ananya, Shari and Vijayakumar are the other stars working in the film. The director Manu was the associate of the famous director Shaji Kailas earlier and this is his first independent project. And it was after his enrolment as the minister that he was approached with the role.

Ganesh is very much confident with both his professions. He is not ready to quit acting. He is of the opinion that to serve people one should not lose his interest to arts. He also feels that in the tensions and hastiness of the job of minister, acting is a real relief for him. He loves acting and does not want to leave it for any reason. After completing the present shoot, the work of the next film will be started soon. We hope that he succeed in both the professions and his career reach greater heights.

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