Kerala in Polling Booth Today – How to Vote?

Electronic voting machine demo

Electronic Voting Machine

Kerala is going to the polling booth on today 13th April. 2,31,47,871 voters are there in Kerala. About 20,780 polling booths are there. Voting time is from morning 7’o clock to evening 5’o clock. One can cast vote only if he or she got the identity card/proofs approved by the election commission or slip given by election commission. An election commission help desk will be opened at every voting station to give slip to whom slip didn’t get.

From the chief election commissioner of Kerala, Nalini Netto, one can vote only if his or her name is on the voters list. Those whose name is not in the voters list can’t vote. For NRI’s they need to submit their Passport infront of the election officer for voting.

When a voter enters polling booth, he must show his identity card to the polling officer. Then polling officer will give the slip to the voter. After that ink mark will be applied on the finger of the voter. After signing the register slip should be given to the preceding officer.

Only after taking the ink mark by a voter the central control of the electronic voting machine will be turned on, at that time a green light will be turned on in the voting machine. Voter can vote only after the voting machine light is green. When the green light glows, the voter should cast the vote by pressing the button towards the candidate and the sign whom they are voting for. When the button is pressed, a red light will be turned on with a beep sound.

If the green light is not turned on and after casting the vote if the red light is not turned on, voter should inform the election officer.

To check if the name is on the voters list and to find booth in which vote is to be cast can be found from the call center of the election commission number is 1965.  You can also send the message to the number 54242 or 537252. Type ele space id card n0 in the message.

VOTERS whose photos are not on electoral rolls and whose electoral photo identity cards and booth slips have mistake(s) can bring one of the following 13 photos IDs and cast their franchise. They must also bring along erroneous photo ID cards.

  1. Passport
  2. Driving licence issued up to 28.02.2011
  3. PAN card
  4. Service identity card issued to state/central government, PSU, local body or public limited company employees
  5. Passbook issued by public sector banks/post offices and kisan passbook
  6. Ex-servicemen’s pension book/pension payment order, ex-servicemen widow/ dependent certificate , old-age pension order, widow pension order issued up to 28.02.2011
  7. Freedom-fighter ID card
  8. Property document such as patta and registered deed
  9. SC/ST/OBC certificate issued up to 28.02.2011
  10. Arms licence
  11. Certificate of physical handicap issued by s competent authority up to 20.02.2011
  12. Job card under NREGA issued up to 28.02.2011
  13. Health insurance scheme smart card(ministry of labour’s scheme)

The above 13 points data courtesy – Deccan Chronicle

The election results counting and results announcement only after 1 month on 13 May.

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