E Tender System in Kerala PWD

Online E Tender application will get implemented in two weeks to make the tender system in PWD more efficient and transparent.This was announced by Minister Thomas Isaac who is currently having the responsibility of Public Works Department too. He also said in the press meet that there will be an update and review in the PWD manual by August 15, 2010. The transfer system of Engineers and other Officers will be made more transparent and corruption free as per the new decisions of the ministry.

2 Responses to E Tender System in Kerala PWD

  1. XM says:

    Some other people created the system theres nothing for Issac to take credit in it

  2. Nizamuddin Paika Kasaragod says:

    At last online E tender system is getting implemented in Kerala PWD. I appreciate. In other state its been launched a year back. Its more efficient. I have an advice that only those contractors who login to the particular website should see the list of tenders and the details rather than who ever opens the web page and click list of tender views the full details. In karnataka state its like that, if any person who opens the webpage can get the full details. it should not be alowed.

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