Apply for Passport without SSLC book

When you approach a passport agent to get you a passport he will firstly ask for your SSLC book. And it is quiet common that many are having some or other mistake in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. Then the agent of the passport advisor in your city will ask you to get it corrected. Then you will have to spend a lot of time behind it as you will (for example to correct the date of birth or surname) have to go to different government officials which take minimum 6 months of time and more.

Now, there is a possibility of gaining and Indian passport without SSLC book in Kerala. The reason why the officials at the passport office ask for your SSLC is not to check your date of birth or address but to see whether you have passed STD X because as per the rules of migration only those who have passed tenth can migrate to any country and get a permanent residence visa. In this case if you have a Plus Two (Higher Secondary) certificate or a Degree certificate from any of the affiliated college it makes clear that you have already passed tenth without which you cannot get admitted to +2 and degree. So, the submission of any of such certificate at the passport office will make you eligible for the passport in India. But it is important to remember that the name and address mentioned in all the documents you provide must be one and the same.

One of the other tips of Passport application is that those who were born before the year 1989 need not to submit one’s birth certificate. Instead the submission of your 10th qualifying certificate, driving license, voter’s ID, etc with correct date of birth will do.

If you are applying for a tatkal passport you need to present three identifications with in same address. For this you may use your 10th qualifying certificate, driving license, voter’s ID, passbook from a nationalized bank, your present college/school ID and so on. But if you are taking a bank passbook, the transaction should have at least one year transaction history. It does not mean that you should be an employee or having regular weekly or monthly transaction. Only thing it should be valid for the last twelve months.

Another passport application tip is that you must be very careful while filling you application as there should not be any mistake like that of spelling and date. If you make a mistake you will have to apply for a new passport which will cost the amount of applying for a new passport. You must also check whether the details are printed correctly when you get the receipt after the submission of the documents in the passport counter.

The unofficial passport tip is that you must reach the passport office as early as possible as it will be crowded daily. The administrators will begin to give the token to submit the form at 7.30 am on all working days. Once you get that you can relax and come back when the offices opens at 10 in the morning. Since there are separate queues for men and women there is no use of going with women to get the token first. All are equals at the passport offices in India.

The following are the holidays of passport office Kerala for the year 2009. The public holidays of Passport office Cochin are here which may is similar for all the offices too. January 8 & 26; February 23; March 10; April 7, 10 & 13; May 9; August 15; September 2, 21 & 28; October 2 & 17; November 2 & 28 and December 25. These are the only holidays published at the passport office Cochin. So, you may take it into consideration that all the other days except Sundays are working days for the office of passport in Kerala.

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2 Responses to Apply for Passport without SSLC book

  1. Visakh V says:

    what about the persons who born after 1989 and have a mismatch between the date of birth in CBSE certificate and birth certificate….

    • sujesh.v.v says:

      what about the persons who born after 1989 and have a mismatch between the date of birth in s.s.l.c. certificate and birth certificate.

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