ABCD Malayalam Movie Preview

aparna gopinath actress

ABCD is the upcoming Malayalam movie directed by Martin Prakkat and produced by Shibu Thammens. The screenplay is done jointly by Martin Prakkat, Naveen Bhaskar and Sooraj Neeraj. The story of ABCD was written basically by Sooraj Neeraj. The hero of the movie ABCD is Dulquer Salman and the heroine is Aparna Gopinath. Jacob Gregory also plays a major role in the film. ABCD is a fulltime comedy film. The theme of the movie is of an American Born Confused Desi (ABCD) boy. The story is of two American youngster Mallus coming to Kerala and their life in Kerala that develops a relation with the heroine and other interesting incidents. A major attraction of the film is that Dulquer will also be singing a song in the film. The release date of the film is not decided but will be in 2013. The film will be a family cum youth entertainer.

Aparna Gopinath in ABCD                                                                       

Aparna Gopinath is a well-known dancer and theatre artist with a hot look in modern dress in the film ABCD. This is her first film in Malayalam and is an interesting character of a young beautiful girl. She said in past that she likes to take up challenges in the film industry with vibrant roles. She also mentioned that she would wait for the film to be released for other film makers to see her talents in acting.

Jacob Gregory in ABCD

Jacob Gregory is famous to Malayalam television viewers through the programme ‘Akkarakazhchakal’ in which he played a comic character successfully. Jacob Gregory in ABCD accompanies Dulquar Salman who come from the US to Kerala.

Direction: Martin Prakkat

Production: Shibu Thameens

Screenplay: Martin Prakkat, Naveen Bhaskar & Sooraj-Neeraj

Story: Sooraj-Neeraj

Starring: Dulquer Salmaan, Jacob Gregory & Aparna Gopinath

Music: Gopi Sunder

Cinematography: Jomon T. John

Editing: Donmax

Studio: Thameens Films

Distribution: Thameens Films


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