3D Mayavi

The favorite super hero of Keralites is available in 3D video. This 3D video is produced by M.M publications which are the makers of Balarama and Mayavi. The 3 D video CD includes six stories, 2 songs and title song. The stories in the video are by Mohanan, the maker of Mayavi. The music of title song is done by Mohan Sitara and other songs by Jaison.J.Nair. The lyrics are by Sippi Pallipuram. The screenplay is done by K.S. Manu and direction by K.S. Madhu. The favorite characters of Mayavi story Kuttusan, Dakini, Luttappi, Raju, Radha, Vikraman, Mutu etc.
Along with 3D Mayavi 3 inch square 3D Lenticular lens is provided. 3 D Mayavi is available at all leading music and book shops at a price of Rs 99.

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